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"Big Data & High Performance Analytics Forum"

How Big Data can be used to drive Better Decisions?

About the Forum

Effective and meaningful analysis of large sets of data is increasingly becoming a fundamental basis for the establishment of competitive advantages. Decision Makers in every sector will have to cope with the implications of Big Data.

The increasing volume and details of information exploited by enterprises, the rise of multimedia, social media and the Internet, shall contribute to the exponential growth of data volumes in the foreseeable future.

Organizations are beginning to embrace the value that analytics can make businesses become more efficient and more effective. Management has started to associate tangible monetary benefits to analytics.

Big Data technologies tend to be strong where the existing technologies are weak, a fact that makes them suitable for new types of decision-making scenarios and tasks.

Although Big Data and High Performance Analytics may provide more value to organizations than other technology-enabled business initiatives, it is more challenging to implement. Even if the business analytics path is very challenging however, it promises large payoffs for those who can successfully exploit its power.

Professionals today can make decisions within minutes, instead of hours or days, an ability that renders them more effective and efficient. Furthermore, with Real Time-Big Data analytics, results which in the past were not achievable, are now attainable.

The agenda of the forum will target the Banking, Telecoms, Energy, Retail, Hospitality industries as well as the Public Sector. Some of the main topics that will be discussed are the following:

  • How to Get the Most from Big Data and Business Analytics?
  • Big Data is the next frontier for innovation, competition and productivity.
  • How a company can combine a massive amount of data and receive unprecedented value with the power of Business Analytics?
  • How businesses can effectively and efficiently use the plethora of Business Analytic tools and methodologies?
  • Best practices in Business Analytics by Industry Leaders
  • Current challenges faced by banks in the Middle East
  • The need and opportunities of utilizing business analytics to address some of these challenges
  • Common use cases of analytics in the banking sector
  • A case study of a bank which successfully utilized business analytics to its advantage
  • Architectural considerations to support banking use cases.
  • Having analytical capabilities and the best data, can someone create competitive advantages?
  • Are there significant risks associated with owning large data stores? What are the financial and security risks?
  • Possessing large amounts of data, especially customer data, exposes an organization to hacking and corporate espionage threats that can severely impact both business operations and public relations. What a company should do in order to avoid such cases?
  • After a company has invested in Business Analytics Tools, how does it move to the next level?
  • What are the steps someone needs to take in order to build an analytics capability and improve business decisions?
  • Customers become more and more mobile thus brand-loyalty becomes more difficult to achieve. How can a company use its Data and Business Analytics tools to increase customer loyalty?
  • Customer segmentation & advanced social network analysis for getting the most of your customer base.
  • How can you improve customer maintenance , cross-sell and up-sell using Social Network Analysis?
  • How can Marketers understand relative effectiveness of communications within different networks and target customers based on social influence and changes within their social communities?
  • How can your company save money and become more effective in today’s challenging economic environment?
  • What are the Elements of successful decision-making through the use of Big Data?
  • Is it significant to incorporate Business Analytics in a company’s procedures in the enterprise or in the general company’s culture?
  • How the travel & tourism sectors are able to take advantage of the petabyte of data? How can you mine data pools for "hidden" insights and information?
  • How to gain competitive advantage through the analysis of customer behavior in the tourism industry?

At the forum, you will be able to listen to leading best-practice case studies, share your experience, exchange your thoughts and meet other professionals from the same or different industries looking to enhance their skills on Big Data Management.

The forum shall bring together professionals from all the regions of the Gulf.